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Secondly, one of its main outcomes was that the Americans decided not to use nuclear weapons during the confrontation. When the Chinese entered the war, U. General Douglas MacArthur demanded a nuclear strike on China.

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Erik van Ree contends that Soviet military intervention in Korea during August "was a last-minute improvisation. Lewis, Paul H. Truman wisely dropped Roosevelt's misguided trusteeship plan in favor of joint military occupation. As soon as the United States of America had been helpful in wars in the past, in many other wars so they helped the Southern part of Korea become free of the communism that the North was pushing towards. Reflecting the current emerging consensus, he sees the civil and international aspects of the war as interlocked. For that, he appears as a coward beside Chang, who was interviewing men who in their youth would have gang-raped and bayoneted her, and who were overcome with distress and guilt when they were explaining what they had done. Charles D.

But then the U. President Harry Truman did not accept the proposal, believing that it would be an unnecessary war at the wrong time against the wrong enemy. Then the only enemy against whom Washington considered possible to use nuclear weapons was the Soviet Union. Simultaneously, the U.

As a result, from to there was unleashed about local wars between two rival blocs across the planet. Moreover, it can be also added that the Korean War played its own role in strengthening the relations and union between North Korea and China. So, the Korean leader traveled to China and asked for a help there, and that help was needed as early as in October , when the South Korean army and UN troops approached the shore of the river on the border with China.

Disposing near the border, opposing sides ended hostilities after awhile. To continue, if not the Chinese intervention, the war would have ended in November , and the regime of Kim Ir-Sen would not exist at all.

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Of course, the Soviet Union also helped Pyongyang, but the help was not so big, such as air support by fighters flown by Soviet pilots. But the decisive factor was the will to fight, despite the losses.

By the way, the UN forces lost about 37, soldiers, the Chinese — a few hundred thousand, and the North Koreans — millions. And finally, even today the Korean War left a trace in hearts of millions of Korean people, but the attitude to it has different manifestations in North and South Korea. For instance, even now in South Korea, the war is not a thing of the past.

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Everything that happens in the country has a direct attitude to the Korean War or is its consequence. But to this day in the West and in Japan there is a myth that North Korean troops attacked first. However, even a small excursion into the postwar shows that originally, the U.

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On the one hand, it can be explained by the fact that being located on the Korean peninsula, the U. The thesis statement is the next: the Korean War occupies its significant place between the World War II and the Vietnam War, and every country that was involved in the war has the own attitude to the events and protects the own version of the history; so, the war happened and the conflict existed, while the roots of its beginning and its consequences are interpreted in different ways.

Shortly describing the Korean War for the purpose to give the war a first description, we may say that it was the first armed confrontation of the Cold War, which lasted just over the three years from June 25, to July 27, And the conflict erupted between the North Korea and the South Korea; however, it is quite often seen as a war between the U.

So, it can be mentioned that not only Korea was involved in the own war because many other countries had their political and economic interests there. Moreover, the Korean War was a bloody three-year civil slaughterhouse between North Korea and South Korea — in fact, a single country that was divided between the U.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | paper I will take you through the Korean War. One of the deadliest war in history, it took many lives in such a short span of time of. The Korean War And Its Origins Essays. Words4 Pages. Russia and the United States began their relationship as allies when Russia disregarded the non .

As a result of the war, neither side achieved what it wanted, and the state border stayed on the 38th parallel. Informally, the war lasts even to this day, in the same form as the Cold War was hold. Observing the beginning of the war, it becomes obvious that small and modest Korea rarely could solve anything by itself in a world where it was everywhere surrounded by too smart neighbors.

So, for the purpose to put a dominance over the country Americans had developed a secret plan for the outbreak of the war on the peninsula, which would also allow to discredit not only North Korea but also the ideas of socialism and communism in general, labeling them as aggressive. There was an increase in sympathy for the Soviet Union: the rapid pace of reconstruction without any outside help testified about the benefits of a planned economy on the free market.

In addition, to complete the work of NATO, established in April , there was needed a precedent that would demonstrate the effectiveness of the new alliance. After that, the U.

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So, everything is not as simple with the Korean War as it very often presented in media and popular books on history because the United States being governed by very talented leaders was trying to provide the own dominance all over the world in all possible ways, including the use of special secret technologies and creating secret groups of the best professionals for these purposes. And finally, the result of successful advocacy campaign of the United States can be seen in the fact that even today many people believe to the official reason for the war, which to this day hold in many countries: North Korea started the war.

Exposing Myths of the Forgotten War

In addition, there is no necessity to blame the United States in all evils, including the beginning of the Korean War because every country protects its interests, and the United States is not an exception. Published online: 26 Apr Allan R. Published online: 24 Jan Lin Lin et al.

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