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I often went to court with the prosecutors where I learned a great deal about legal proceedings, and was at times horrified by human behavior. I worked with happy and passionate lawyers whose motivations were pubic service, the safety and well-being of communities, and justice. The moment I realized justice was their true objective, not the number of convictions, was the moment I decided to become a lawyer.

Law School Sample Application Essay

I broke from the belief systems I was born into. I did this through education, mentorship, and self-advocacy. There is sadness because in this transition I left people behind, especially as I entered university. However, I am devoted to my home community. I understand the barriers that stand between youth and their success.

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As a law student I will mentor as I was mentored, and as a lawyer I will be a voice for change. Every pre-law student blames their lack of success on the large number of applicants, the heartless admissions committee members, the high GPA and LSAT score cut offs.

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But, having taught more than a thousand students every year, I can tell you the REAL truth about why most students get rejected:. Most students don't do any form of planning for their applications. They scramble to complete their applications at the last minute, leaving their applications rushed and underwhelming. Most students don't formulate a strategy on WHAT to include in their personal statements, let alone HOW to present their ideas to their audience effectively.

They just sit down and write their personal statement in one go. Most students don't do any form of proofreading; if they do, they only revise their statement once or twice before throwing in the towel and declaring it "good enough". Quite frankly, "good enough" doesn't get you into law school. Most student don't ask for expert feedback.

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They don't seek out someone who can provide them with a second set of critical eyes on their essays, because some random person in an online forum told them that they don't need professional editing, not realizing that everyone needs an editor. Even Hemingway had an editor. If Hemingway needed an editor, trust me, so do you and so do I, for that matter! If you do that, you can avoid the dreaded rejection letter, the ensuing headache, and the waste of time and money associated with the re-application process. Admissions committees regularly check for plagiarism from online sources.

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The Awful Side of Best Law School Admissions Essays

A boring, flat essay can be the kiss of death. There are three different essays to consider when applying to law school. Personal statement. Diversity statement. Review these sample law school personal statements to see how others effectively told their story Sample Law School Application Essay: Returning to School.

Share this: Facebook 11 Twitter Email Reddit Send to Email. Your name. Package 1 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and one set of edits on your personal statement. Package 2 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and two sets of edits on your personal statement. Package 3 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and three sets of edits on your personal statement. Our Bronze package includes one minute phone consultation with an admissions expert, one set of personal statement edits and one full application review. Our Silver package includes a one-hour brainstorming session on personal statement ideas, two sets of edits on your personal statement, and one full application review.

Do you need to write an addendum for your law school application but are not sure how to go about tackling the weighted question? We can help you convey your narrative in an effective and tactful manner. Our Addendum Review add-on allows for one minute initial phone consultation and two edits of your addendum. We have three Diversity Statement Review packages to choose from.

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Package 1 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and one set of edits on your diversity statement. Package 2 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and two sets of edits on your diversity statement. Package 3 : includes one minute initial phone consultation and three sets of edits on your diversity statement. This add-on option includes a consultation, question preparation as well as two mock interviews. This option allows students to prepare for their law school interviews by meeting with admissions experts who know what law schools are looking for and how best to answer their questions in order to leave a lasting and positive impression!

Rachel works effectively one-on-one with students to better understand their background, interests, abilities, and aspirations before developing a tailored action plan to reach their goals Rachel is a skilled writer and public speaker. I was on a time crunch to get my applications in and had my personal statement reviewed and edited within days of finding out about JD Advising.

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Not only was the service timely, but the comments were immensely constructive and easy to understand. I also really appreciated the personalized attention I received, with one on one phone calls that allowed me to ask questions and discuss the feedback. Then, go through each sentence of the essay and remove it unless it connects to at least one item from your list. Also, my personal tip is to read a personal statement out loud. Thanks for the tip!

But you have to ask the right question there! I retook in July and bumped up to I am gunning for Top 6 and I know that my puts me at median for HY and at or above 75 for all other Top 6. Someone else told me to send in my app with my by Oct 1 and then retake in November. But what if my app goes in review before HY even get a chance to see my November score which would be released in December?

Reapplying to law school? Here are 6 answers to your most asked questions!

Someone else told me to save my energy and just not retake—my uGPA of 3. This is a very tough question, mostly because the T3 are like black boxes: moreso than other schools, their applicant base is so strong that they routinely reject applicants with so-called qualifying numbers.

Which makes it all the harder to determine what effect a few more points would have here vs the earlier application date. My inclination is to say retake it, since the black and white ABA reporting advantage of a higher score and hitting the 75th at HY is hard to argue whereas applying earlier is not a black and white advantage to the school. Second, if you do sign up for November, the likely chance is that as soon as HY sees that they will put you application on hold.