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Free Essay: Lies have been around for as long as people have been. We all lie, whether it is to protect someone we love of to cover up. However, not everyone exposed to a certain lie is aware of it's true power. In her essay “The Ways We Lie”, Stephanie Ericsson criticizes our.

There is a lot of instances where I will omit information about myself when telling a story. I am not lying I just choose to give what I want someone else to know. On my way home from school I might stop somewhere before going home, my wife might ask me where am I coming from and I said school, it is not a lie.

I set a precedent of being up-front about intimate issues, but I never bring up the things I truly want to hide If I choose not to discuss personal or any other issues, that my choice and should not be considered a lie. Whether I agree or disagree, they all play a big part in our everyday life.

The white lie is sometimes to avoid confrontation. The dismissal and ignoring the plain facts are the worst of them all, since they could lead to psychological damage to whoever is affected.

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The out and out lie is just a plain liar. Deflecting and omissions are not necessarily considered lies to me especially if you talking about yourself. We do most of these without even realizing we are doing them, and sometimes we get into bad habits. I agree with her on most of her characterization of lies such as the white lie, dismissal, out and out lie, omission and ignoring the plain facts. I agree with her assessment of the white lie as something that will cause more harm than telling someone what is right.

Dismissal and ignoring the plain facts, I agree are lies as they could end up causing long term psychological damage to people. Omission is a lie since the omission of a key detail could change the outcome of a situation. There are times when I am asked for my opinion and I know if I tell the truth, it will lead to an argument or further explanation. I might lie to end the conversation. I personally try to avoid confrontation and argument so I will lie to make people happy. The thought of the humiliation could have someone second guessing themselves if caught.

This situation allows people to be confronted.

When confronted it is hard to deny or lie, especially when caught in the act. I ended up getting the slice, but I got a whipping for it as that was the standard form of punishment.

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It was quite an embarrassing moment even though it was my mother. When I was leaving Jamaica to come and live with my father, lying was the only thing my Mother asked me to change, and I did. Ignoring the plain facts is to me one of the worst kinds of lie, since many people can be hurt from this type of lie. Whoever has the information, is hoping no one finds out or says anything. Ericsson gave a great example of this with the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

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Adults responsible for protecting them are the reason they have to go through this terrible ordeal. Situations like these are total negligence and no matter how much counseling and money the victims get, they will be affected for life because of sick behavior. There is also a connection to omission as the diocese did not inform parents of the past of Father Porter. Dismissal is similar to ignoring the plain facts, only with dismissal you acknowledge the complaints and try to cover them up.

We as parents try to change their perception without questioning, and try to find out why the child feels that way.

“The Ways We Lie” By Stephanie Ericsson

A few months later, he raped her and until now her life is still not back to normal, simply because her Mother dismissed her complaint. There could be a connection in this case between dismissal and ignoring the plain facts since they both can ruin lives. Omission I agree with could be considered a lie when we do it in certain situations to deceive someone. He wrote an autobiography called A Million Little Pieces and the book was featured on Oprah and put on her book club list.

The Ways We Lie Essay

After a while it was discovered that parts of his autobiography were not real and he was humiliated on a national level. If he had told the truth then his book could have still been published, but as a fictional story, and he could have still been a successful author and had a bestselling book. We have become a gullible nation where we will believe that most of the stuff that is told to us is the truth. If we read an article that says that a famous actress is pregnant then we automatically believe it. We believe it because it is in a local or national magazine, and we think that no one would try to lie to that many people at once.

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As children we are taught to not question the things that adults tell us. We are suppose to just believe what they tell us and we are not to question our parents or our teachers.

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As we grow older and wiser though, we learn that our parents and teachers lie just like everyone else and that not everyone tells the truth. Even the presidents lie, like Bill Clinton when he tried to hide his affair with another woman.

The Ways We Lie By Stephanie Ericsson

Ericsson is very upfront how she thinks about lying. Stephanie ericsson uses a lot in the lives of historical essay a. Press enter to begin your search. It is that which makes an individual feel good instead of having the truth to hurt their feelings. Moving on to ignoring the plain facts, in there author completely spells out how destructive lies can be. Hd image of psychological characteristics and we need to be together.

Because of his life he was impeached by the House of Representatives and he lost the trust of an entire nation with one lie. As we grow we learn that our lives can affect other people and maybe even hurt them, and most of all that lying can cause people to lose their trust in us.

We will never be able to eliminate lying from our society because it makes our lives easier; it is just easier to tell a lie. We will always want to hide things from our friends, and parents and add those little things to our stories that make our lives sound better and more interesting.