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Some people wanted to keep things nonviolent; others wanted bloodshed. The result was somewhere in the middle. A group of colonists determined to make things change was the Sons of Liberty.

Led by such impassioned patriots as Samuel Adams and John Hancock , the Sons of Liberty had secret meetings at which they discussed how best to get their message across to Great Britain, that the American people wanted more of a role in governing themselves. Christmas was approaching in the year , and the colonists faced another year of unopposed and unrepresentative taxes.

The Sons of Liberty decided to take action. Donning disguises that made them look like they were Native Americans, a large group of the Sons of Liberty on December 16 stormed aboard those three unsuspecting British ships and dumped crates full of tea overboard. By any standards, that's a lot of tea. These crates happened to be jammed full of tea, and so the companies that made that tea lost a lot of money that night.

The Boston Tea Party

Because the Sons of Liberty were disguised as Native Americans, they could claim that they were not guilty of dumping the tea. Labor vs.

A ‘New World’ Discovered

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The Root Causes of the American Revolution

When the company faced financial ruin during the s, the British government stepped in with the Tea Act to help the struggling company. Links to even more information, including biographies, contemporary events, and artwork complement this colorful website. It offers a brief history of the Tea Party and details the exhibits available at the museum, including a full-size working replica of one of the three ships of Tea Party fame.

Look at pictures of ships and reenactments while listening to fife and drum music. Boston Tea Party: Eyewitness Account by a Participant During the time we were throwing the tea overboard, there were several attempts made by some of the citizens of Boston and its vicinity to carry off small quantities of it for their family use. What really happened the night of December 16, ?

This eyewitness account of the Boston Tea Party provides a unique view of that day's events. Get the scoop on this popular revolutionary event at this website from a university in the Netherlands. Paris Salon or Boston Tea Party? Which is the more appropriate course of action: calm and educated discussion of a situation or problem within an intimate circle of informed people, or mob violence and protest by a large group of citizens?

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The names of men are known to have participated in the Boston Tea Party - there were probably more who wanted to keep their participation a secret. At least two thirds of the participants of the Boston Tea Party were under Only nine are known to have been older than 40 years old.

The American Revolution

The patriots then hoisted the tea crates on to the main deck. And then when he was in his 90s, he was, quote, "discovered" in western New York; someone wrote a biography of him. The citizens of the middle colonies were especially unenthusiastic about the revolution Ward , Malcolm raises his cane as if to hit the little boy. Massachusetts, essays, papers for sale discount prices boston tea party essays and a single act. But he was not a well-to-do man. The delegates were divided on how to move forward but the Boston Tea Party had united them in their fervor to gain independence.

These patriots came from all different walks of life. The majority of participants of the Boston Tea Party were young apprentices, laborers and seamen. About one third of the participants were skilled artisans such as carpenters, masons and shoemakers and there were also a small number of merchants, doctors and clerks.

Paul Revere was the most famous known participant of the Boston Tea Party. Destroying the tea at the Boston Tea Party was a risky business and would be viewed as an act of treason that was punishable by death. One of the participants, called Nathaniel Bradlee, had a sister called Sarah Bradlee. Sarah Bradlee was a prominent member of the Boston Daughters of Liberty and is credited for being the person who came up with the idea of patriots dressing up as Mohawk Indians. Sarah Bradlee has since been referred to as the "Mother of the Boston Tea Party" for helping the patriots to disguise themselves as Indians.

So this is why many of the Boston patriots who participated in the Boston Tea Party disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians to hide their identity. It was here that that many adopted their disguises as Mohawk Indians. They carried hatchets, or tomahawks, which they would use to break open the crates during the Boston Tea Party. Joshua Wyeth, reminiscing the events of the Boston Tea party said,. The three groups, many disguised as Mohawk Indians. They were not quiet, they were excited and there were lots of them.

A large mob attended the Boston Tea Party and there was little interference and no violence occurred. History of the Boston Tea Party - Dumping the Tea The leaders of each of the groups of patriots requested that each Captain unlocked the hatches to the cargo decks.

December 16, 1773 Boston Tea Party Reenactment

The patriots then hoisted the tea crates on to the main deck. The crates were then smashed open with the tomahawks and thrown into the water. The Captains of the three ships and their crews of the ships generally stood by impassively watching the events of the Boston Tea Party, and the surrounding British warships did not fire their weapons.

The only casualty during the Boston Tea party happened to John Crane who was knocked unconscious by a falling crate. He was carried to the docks by his comrades and put on a bed of wood shavings. The patriots took 3 hours between 7pm and 10pm to dump the cargo. Over 45 tons of cargo went into the water the night of the Boston Tea Party. The patriots taking part in the Boston Tea Party did not vandalize the ships, nor did they steal any of the cargo for personal consumption. The crews of the Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor ships later confirmed that nothing had been damaged or destroyed during the Boston Tea Party, except the tea, and that the protesters had swept the decks clean afterwards!

History of the Boston Tea Party in - The Aftermath The next day some of the participants returned to Griffin's Wharf and, seeing some of the tea still floating on top of the water, they approached it in small boats and destroyed what remained by hitting it with their oars.

Loyalists During the American Revolution

Samuel Adams defended the actions of the Boston Tea Party patriots stating that it:. The colonies must either submit or triumph. There were many Americans who were not in favor of the unlawful actions taken in Boston by destroying private property. Benjamin Franklin stated that the destroyed tea must be repaid. Robert Murray, a New York financier and merchant together with three other merchants approached Lord North the British Prime Minister offering to pay for the losses incurred during the Boston Tea Party, but the offer was turned down.

Why Did the Boston Tea Party Happen?

Start from reviewing these sample essays and following the writing tips. Important : The sample The Boston Tea Party - Sample Essay. Most people have heard. Boston Tea Party Essay, Research Paper. Boston Tea Party – by The Boston Tea Party is considered to be the boiling point in a series of events leading.

What were the Effects of the Boston Tea Party? What happened after the Boston Tea Party? Many of the Boston Tea Party participants fled Boston immediately after the event to avoid arrest Only one participant and patriot of the Sons of Liberty called Francis Akeley, was caught and imprisoned for his participation in the Boston Tea Party. He was the only person ever to be arrested for the Boston Tea Party and he was released because of a lack of evidence Hundreds of people had watched the events of the Boston Tea Party, yet no eyewitnesses would cooperate with the authorities Ministers decided to punish the town of Boston as a whole The British Parliament ordered the Royal Navy to blockade Boston Harbor British army regiments were sent to enforce the closure of the harbor The blockade prevented supplies from entering the Harbor and prevented Massachusetts merchants from selling their goods These measures that followed the Boston Tea Party were implemented under the Coercive Acts aka Intolerable Acts which consisted of the Boston Port Act, the Massachusetts Government Act, the Administration of Justice Act, the Quartering Act and the Quebec Act.

American colonists responded with protests and coordinated resistance by convening the First Continental Congress in September and October of to petition Britain to repeal the Intolerable Acts. The Significance of Boston Tea Party - History of the American Revolutionary War The constant stream of new laws and taxes demanded by the British parliament was like a slow burning fuse to a keg of dynamite that would explode into the American Revolutionary War.