Essay on human rights violations in pakistan

10 Steps for Improving Human Rights in Pakistan
Human Rights Activist in Geneva tears into Pak on terrorism and human rights violations

Right to Water and Sanitation. Right to social security. Early warning and economic, social and cultural rights.

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Cultural rights and the protection of cultural heritage. Regional human rights treaties.

Part II: Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy

Human Rights Of Pakistan And Pakistan Essay violence against women both a public health problem and a violation of human rights. The worst form of human rights violation taking place in Pakistan is child abuse. According to a private media report, around 3, cases.

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Turn off more accessible mode. A few examples of violations of economic, social and cultural rights include: Forcibly evicting people from their homes the right to adequate housing Contaminating water, for example, with waste from State-owned facilities the right to health Failure to ensure a minimum wage sufficient for a decent living rights at work Failure to prevent starvation in all areas and communities in the country freedom from hunger Denying access to information and services related to sexual and reproductive health the right to health Systematically segregating children with disabilities from mainstream schools the right to education Failure to prevent employers from discriminating in recruitment based on sex, disability, race, political opinion, social origin, HIV status, etc.

The right to work Failure to prohibit public and private entities from destroying or contaminating food and its source, such as arable land and water the right to food Failure to provide for a reasonable limitation of working hours in the public and private sector rights at work Banning the use of minority or indigenous languages the right to participate in cultural life Denying social assistance to people because of their status e.

See also. Early warning and economic, social and cultural rights Implementation and monitoring Legal protection Women Migrants Cultural rights and the protection of cultural heritage.

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Anyone who defies the Holy Quran will be punished with life imprisonment Art. Anyone who uses derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet Muhammad will be sentenced to death Art.

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The changes in legislation relating to religious offences have contributed to an atmosphere of religious intolerance in Pakistan in which violence against members of religious minorities has significantly increased. Often personal conflicts result in a religious accusation with enormous consequences for the accused. Many a time Ahmadis and Christians are killed for no crime and the state is ignoring the criminal offence. To take, as a matter of the greatest urgency, all the measures necessary to immediately stop the killing of religious minorities in Pakistan. Download the complete resolution in PDF format here This would mark a 10 percentage point increase compared to previous elections held in Human rights violations by the state of Pakistan.

Context Pakistan is for the West an important geo-political ally. To clearly condemn the violation of human rights and fundamental liberties in Pakistan. Recent News Icon:.

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